Exploring the Paradox of Banter [disclaimer: ridiculous]

Sometimes it turns out that the most selfish people are the ones who are the least affected by societal norms and social customs, as well as authority figures who tell people what to do. This is an interesting observation, because people who will do what they want to do at any cost will often get angry when other people tell them what to do. So, they don’t have the 'people-pleasing', 'striving to be good in other peoples’ eyes even when it doesn’t go with what their soul screams', desperation that we usually see in people who are extremely empathetic. Empaths are extremely important in our world because empaths encourage collaboration over competition, across groups of people… and this is something that’s direly needed in today’s technological climate, where we are connecting and networking with greater groups of people yet daily, and we certainly don't want to be competing with that many people. Well, those of us that don't- the empaths are being targeted. Peop…

Language as Technology

“What was the [dualistic] mechanism?” It has a personality. It seemed almost surprised, as well as eager to take advantage of, the fact that I wanted to learn more about it… It seemed honored, because nobody seems to really care on their own anymore, without being initiated into some sort of order that supposedly “knows things”. Well, not many people, at least, want to understand just for the sake of it the finer threads of the border between the self and environment; from the two things that we somehow have been either split into on a “deeper” level, or conditioned into. The dualistic mechanism itself has a personality. It seems to be the antithesis (by human standards) to The Organic Technology. Nonlinear writing (for example, code) is to The Organic Technology -as- linear, ‘ordinary’ writing and reading is to the dualistic mechanism.

‘It’ wanted me to take a hit.. ‘Come on, do you trust me?” I decided to do it, because I wanted to be the nice. For, it was then that I equated the d…

The Dualistic Mechanism

Divine Moment of Truth
The Mechanism - I saw it - it’s more horrifying than I ever could have possibly imagined. Before having the experience, we were talking about language. The question that was asked right before I did it, which was PERFECT, was about how to escape the imprisonment of our language. I was confronted with a type of mechanism. It didn’t present itself in visuals, sounds or anything else. I just inherently understood HOW the mechanism worked. At the heart of it was a feeling, reminiscent of the propagandic conditioning that has been instilled in me so deeply, and this force which helped me to understand the Mechanism told me clearly that I should step back; that I was totally stupid for even asking. Like how it was when I was continually told that my questions were stupid, as a kid. Why even bother asking? It’s this obvious. “Duh!” They want us to think that if you ask what Existence is and find out, then you RUIN the mystery. It can’t even sustain itself without that…

Parallels of Manifestation Process [December 2016 Archive]

MANIFESTATION OF ACTION THROUGH SYNCHRONISTIC BINARY OUTCOME PROCESS: Spiritual/inner world -vs- physical/outer world {binary. 0 or 1. all or nothing. action potential.} LEADS TO: spiritual conspiracy (collection of synchronicities); larger scale state change of the system at hand. Some individual parts of the equation: sodium, agency (your power in the world as well as the power of synchronized groups/organizations) CONNECTION BETWEEN PROCESS AT NEURAL LEVEL->PROCESS IN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL->PROCESS IN GROUPS OF PEOPLE (COLORS INDICATE PARALLELS FROM MICRO TO MACRO SCALE LEVEL)
PROCESS AT NEURAL LEVEL: let sodium in->changes gradient->rise in membrane potential->more channels open->greater electrical current **This process leads to depolarization and an it either fires or doesn’t; if so, action potential is reached, which is then sent to the next neuron (next step) as an electrical current where the process repeats, and the brain is closer to a state change. PROCESS AT INDIV…

Long-Lost Message from Metaphor Standpoint [Read at own risk: RAW streamofconsciousness DATA]

The importance of action potential, threshold 0, 1, or a combination of the two Like a double slit experiment Like a person being born from man and woman. The situation, due to our Will, creates a third ‘choice’ when we are faced with two choices *in a particular aspect.* <-This is important
It’s extra dimensional in the sense that so many things have to calculate their choice within it, and it has to calculate the potential. An action potential is said to ‘fire’. We are said to use Our ‘fire’ for magic in some senses.
Groups of actions as a whole affect one another in ways that reach a critical level for an event to happen, like if they’re planned out or if it just happens to coincidentally reach that, as a synchronization of things that happen that lead there. And each time this happens, the timeline branches off. It’s the same way in the brain, And the threshold in the neuron can’t be reached unless it’s a specific number. And yet inside THERE, there’s sodium and potassium, goi…

The MemeBrain of the Semantapse

Pronouns, like any other words, only hold meaning as symbols and only make sense in context. However, the power of words to attach to thought forms is still of utmost utility. This event can yield either a dismal, or fortuitous outcome; can unfold through a deceptive, or truthful message.
It’s difficult to separate pronouns from ones gender identity - even if the pronouns a person was brought up and called by *do* match up with their intuitive gender identity. I often feel that our society at this point ought to be past the idea of pronouns being decided upon based on sex alone; especially due to all the hype around pronouns right now. But then again, usually when a baby comes into this world, they grow up being called whatever pronoun the family considers as appropriate. I don’t think that the practice harmful in itself, but there are, without a doubt, a lot of implications behind the idea that self-perceived gender identity is heavily based upon linguistic syntax. So, along with other…

Dancing on a Waveform

๐Ÿ”ƒ...Mid med- medicine...๐Ÿ”„
The medium serving survival
▶️Propagates thru the medulla,
The transmission of a feedback loop๐Ÿ”
๐ŸŒตSo deep and rooted to life๐ŸŒณ
That it does its OWN thing
despite whether you ever remember giving it permission...๐Ÿ˜
๐Ÿ—ฃA middleman between instinct and free will;
Between ⚡survival and ☠death;
Between ๐Ÿ‘นfear and ๐Ÿ’–Love.
Just as the middleman between the channels and the medium
๐Ÿ“ถIs the syntax itself,
An environment too is a medium,
And feedback engages with it๐Ÿ’ก
Just as we engage with our coding.๐Ÿ”Š
Our tech is our media/um, and experience encourages its programs
And the feedback therein can make Life seamless☺ or seem less☹;
Enhancing command chains in use and pruning those obsolete...
๐Ÿ’กWait - there's a virus in the system?!๐Ÿ“ค